Hipster Barbie Will Give You Intense Instagram Envy

Every girl wanted to be like Barbie growing up, but Socality Barbie is every girl nowadays. She’s totally hipster, in case you couldn’t tell from her brown locks, dark-rimmed classes, and beanie, and she is constantly documenting her life via Instagram to make you just a little jealous. And it’s working…this doll has better adventures than us (do it for the Insta), and captioning them in all-too-hilarious ways like, “Never miss an opportunity to see ( & photograph) something beautiful. The background ain’t too shabby either!”

Socality Barbie was brought to life by a Portland, Oregon wedding photographer, but she told Wired she wants to remain anonymous so to preserve Socality Barbie’s secrets…ya know, so she can keep living #authentic.

[Story via Wired]

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