Pink Defends Herself After Demi Lovato Twitter Diss

Like many other people, Pink took to Twitter after watching the VMAs this past Sunday to express her frustrations about the current state of the music industry. The singer allegedly wrote on her private Instagram that she “felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life. This trash won’t save any kids life. In a world that is even scarier and with lives still worth saving, who will stand up and have a soul?” This post was allegedly made in response to Lovato’s performance during the 2015 VMAs.

Demi Lovato later tweeted:

Cool For The Summer may not “save kid’s lives” or “inspire” but I’d say Skyscraper & Warrior have done a pretty good job of helping people

— Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) September 4, 2015

//, in true Pink fashion, the singer refused to back down. In response to Demi Lovato and her fans attacks, she took to Twitter this morning to defend herself while simultaneously refusing to start a Twitter feud. She tweeted:

Please look for a feud elsewhere. I have no issue with Demi Lovato or anyone else. I actually forgot she performed. I have opinions. MANY

— P!nk (@Pink) September 4, 2015


I stand by what I said. However, I didn’t intend for the angry people of the world to latch on and make it into something it isn’t. Peace ✌️

— P!nk (@Pink) September 4, 2015

// want to give Pink a massive high five for refusing to start more celebrity drama, lest we inspire Drake and Meek Mill to restart their infamous beef.

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