This New Vibrating Bra Claims To Give Women Bigger Breasts

There’s a new miracle vibrating bra currently being tested that claims it can increase the size of a woman’s breasts by one size in just seven days, creating an alternative to undergoing a scary breast augmentation surgery.
This groundbreaking invention was created by 30-year-old Serbian inventor, Milian Milić. Milić claims that in addition to allowing women to go up a cup size, the bra can also make breasts perkier and bring them closer together. Milić formerly worked as a security guard, but he then decided to research and create the bra after his girlfriend said she wanted to get bigger breasts. He claims that the bra works by stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation to the breasts. Milian has been patented in the United States and had now given it the name the E bra.
Milian’s invention has already been tested on several women in Europe and the United States and has proven extremely successful – one woman even noticed her breast increase from a B to a  C cup only after wearing it 15 minutes a day for a week. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzheaur has confirmed the woman’s discovery to be true and claims that the garment truly works as Milian says it does.

The women who tested the E bra spoke to Daily Mail and stated,

I was a 36B before but now I think I’d be a lot more comfortable in a C cup although I haven’t been out to buy any new bras yet. I’ve always had one breast smaller than the other because I had surgery. My left one is kind of squashed now in a B cup whereas my left one which used to be small in a B cup totally fills it out. It feels fuller, more full from the top to the side. I notice it most when I’m sleeping — I wake up and go, ‘Oh my boobs they hurt,’ because I’m not used to having them so I get uncomfortable.

Milić has not yet made any deals with any manufacturers because the bra is still undergoing tests. Hopefully everything does work out because this is something that will definitely be awesome for every women out there that is not all that satisfied with the size of their breasts. It’s pain free, fast, and easy – what more could you ask for?

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