20 First-Week-Of-Class Fails

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or a senior; the feeling never gets old. It’s that giddy feeling you get when school is about to start up again. You can’t wait to see your friends that you didn’t get to see all summer, all those new clothes you just bought can’t be worn soon enough, and of course, you want to see what your classes are about and who occupies them.
And while the first week of classes shouldn’t be all that tough, surprisingly they are. Here are 20 first-week-of-class fails everybody has come across at some point during college:
1. You start the school year thinking you’ll get up early and have a good breakfast everyday. But on Day 2, you barely made it out of bed.
2.  And when you eventually made it out of bed, you couldn’t decide on an outfit, so you were late.
3. You forgot that you actually had homework to do, so you got your first “incomplete.”
4. You were rude to your professor so you got kicked out of class.
5. You had a huge assignment due (already, yup!) for a really important class, but you forgot to do it so you spent two and a half classes-worth in the library completing it. Now you have two absences on your record and a lateness too. F*ck.
6. Your financial aid wasn’t processed on time so you’re not on any rosters.
7. You didn’t get a chance to purchase all $900 worth of textbooks, so your professors reamed you.
8. As a matter of fact, you just realized you ALREADY lost a textbook!
8. You forgot that your schedule changed last minute, so you walk into and sit in the classroom that was on the original copy of your schedule. Now you’re pretty much humiliated at this point.
9. You probably got lost finding a classroom or have absolutely no idea what building it’s in.
10. You realize signing up for a 7am class probably wasn’t the best idea you’ve ever had.
11. You haven’t figured out what your early commute is going to be like yet, so you’re always late because there is always some jerk on the parkway that causes an accident.
12. Two days in you realize you HATE the liberal arts class that you signed up for so you’re having a really hard time focusing.
13. Even worse, your schedule pretty much matches your ex-best friend’s or ex-boyfriend’s.
14. You realize you forgot to register for THAT class you pretty much couldn’t wait to register for come the new semester. Whoops!
15. You got the dorm room that smells like sh*t and has bugs everywhere.
16. You constantly get called out for being on your phone, but you just can’t put it away or you’ll enter a mid-life crisis.
17. But you just can’t help it because your mind is in summer-mode still.
18. Drama, for some odd reason, pursued you the second you stepped foot into the school.
19. A pen exploded all over the inside of your brand new $200 Long Champ bag you bought specifically bought for college.
20. You realize college just isn’t for you.

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