5 Reasons to Date a Guy Who Owns a Dog

You know how seeing a man with a baby can take him from a 6 on the attractiveness scale to a 10? For me it’s the same when I see certain guys with their dogs.
There’s something about seeing the softer, more nurturing side of a guy that has a way of instantly melting women’s hearts. And since I can’t even think about dating a guy with a baby right now (let alone having a baby of my own), the second best thing is dating a guy who owns a dog.
There are many reasons why you can assume a guy who owns a dog will also make a great boyfriend. While this is, of course, not true in all cases, there’s definitely a good argument for it. Because…

  1. They can handle responsibility. Owning a dog is not exactly an easy task. It takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice to figure out a schedule that allows you to go to school, work and have a social life, while still making sure the dog is well taken care of. Especially when it is still a puppy. So if a guy in his early twenties is willing to take on this kind of responsibility, it shows he doesn’t shy away in the face of inconveniences.
  2. They aren’t afraid of commitment. No one gets a dog thinking, “Well, this will be fun for a few months, so let’s just see what happens.” When you get a dog, you do so knowing that this is a long term commitment you can’t back out of when you’re no longer having as much fun as you did in the beginning. A guy who gets a dog shows that he is capable of making a decision and sticking it out– for better or for worse, even when he knows it isn’t always going to be the easiest thing in the world.
  3. They are attentive and nurturing. Okay, so owning a dog isn’t the same thing as having a child; but when you’re still in your twenties, it’s pretty fucking close. If you grew up with a pet you know how attached you can get to an animal. After a while it’s like you don’t even see them as a dog anymore, but almost as a person– or, at the very least, a member of your family. And when this happens, you tend to be very attentive, making sure you are always aware of whether or not they are taken care of, if there’s something you need to do for them, etc. Developing this habit prepares guys for being conscious boyfriends as well.
  4. You can enjoy the benefits of having a dog without actually having to get one yourself. Granted, if you ever break up it is going to suck dealing with the withdrawals of playing with the dog you’ve come to love. But, in the meantime, you get to enjoy playing and cuddling with the pup without actually having to deal with the many responsibilities that come with owning one.
  5. If you get the dog to like you, chances are the guy will love you that much more. People often assume that if their dog doesn’t like you, then you’re probably not a very good person. Once you have an “in” with his dog, and your boyfriend sees how much the dog loves you, chances are he will be quicker to warm up to you too.
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