San-Fran School First to Install Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

It’s official: Gender-neutral bathrooms are happening.
On the heels of the headline-making story about transgender teen, Lila Perry, a 17-year-old student at Hillsboro High School in Missouri who was granted permission to use the girls bathroom and locker room, comes the news about a San Francisco school installing gender-neutral bathrooms in their establishment.
Perry, who has no connection to the San-Fran school, received major backlash after this decision was reached, including two-hours worth of hundreds of students protesting against the school’s decision. The fact that we are seeing change, even if not directly related, is nothing short of victorious for many, including the LGBT community.
According to Seventeen, by the beginning of the school year, Miraloma Elementary School had removed any labels that indicated “girl” or “boy” on the restroom doors for use by all kindergarten and first grade students.
In identifying these efforts, it has made it a much more comfortable environment for the girls and boys who do not fit into traditional gender norms. Take for instance, first-grader Ari. Ari is “gender non-conforming, which means he prefers male pronouns and usually dresses like a boy, but not always,” according to his mother, Gedalia Braverman, who spoke to Joe Fryer of TODAY. “I think it invites the child, it invites the person into the space, as opposed to putting them into a moment of confusion or anxiety,” she continued.
There are approximately eight other students in the school’s kindergarten and first grade program that don’t identify with the labeling of “girl” or “boy” and because of their parents speaking up for them, the school has made some changes.
“They told us they have children who are on the gender spectrum, which means they may have been born biologically with one gender, but they identified with a different gender and that they weren’t comfortable going to the bathroom,” PTA president Ellen Schatz said.
Removing gender-centric labels from the bathroom’s of these two grades is just the beginning of the process at Miraloma Elementary School. There are plans on doing so for the remainder of the restrooms throughout the school in the very near future.

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