Bottoms Up: Taco Bell To Serve Alcohol Soon

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I’m about to pack my bags and move to Chicago. I’ve never been there, but all I know is that first they get a Target store with a bar, and now this – a Taco Bell that will serve booze. That’s about all I need to know.

According to DNAinfo, a Taco Bell located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago will open its doors later this month and offer beer, wine, and “Twisted Freezes” aka alcoholic slushies. Adding a beer, wine, or sangria to your order will cost only $3, while the Twisted Freezes will set you back $7.19.

The fact that they’re not offering tequila isn’t surprising, but it sure is a missed opportunity. I want a real shot of tequila with my dollar cravings purchases, not a beer! However, I’ll take what I can get. “Cantina Margarita” might be a good alternative.

The plan is for the location will sell liquor until 10 pm on weekdays, and on weekends, liquor sales will end at midnight, so it’s the perfect pregame to your night out or night cap for a day drink sesh.

Aside from alcoholic beverages, customers will still be able to order their Taco Bell favorites, as well as new menu items called “Shareables” — all for no more than $5 each.

Check out the tweet below for a closer look at the new menu.

Chicago, here I come!

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