37 Thoughts We All Have While Driving to Work

If you’re like us, your drive to work is much more than a 10-minute ride around the block, which naturally gives you enough time to think many empty thoughts on the whole entire 45-minute-or-more drive to the office.
Besides the explicit curse words you silently mutter to yourself because every radio station is either on a commercial break or playing Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” here’s what you’re probably thinking on the car ride to work:

  1. I thought by leaving earlier I’d beat the rush. Clearly, everyone had the same idea today.
  2. DAMN! I left my lunch at home.
  3. *Checks wallet* I only have $4 to my name. Guess I’m having a bag of chips for lunch.
  4. If The Weeknd is playing on the radio, it’s going to be a good day.
  5. I feel like turning my car around and going right back home and into my bed.
  6. Why the hell didn’t I call out today?
  7. Does JLO want to adopt me? Anyone? Ugh…I just wish I was born rich.
  8. I need a new job.
  9. How come every time I look at the person in the car next to me, they’re picking their nose?
  10. Why does my hair keep frizzing up!?
  11. Is this outfit appropriate for work? I think my heels might be too much. Whatever.
  12. What’s on the work agenda today anyway?
  13. Why the hell isn’t traffic moving?!
  14. Is it Friday yet?
  15. I hope there’s a parking spot right in front. I’m so over walking 15 minutes to the door everyday.
  16. Is this job worth it? No, seriously. Is it?
  17. Am I making enough money and when’s payday again?
  18. Days like this I wish I could take public transportation.
  19. I wonder what today will bring.
  20. I have to remember to play lotto today.
  21. *Looks down at gas tank* UGH! I forgot I needed gas. I hope I make it.
  22. How many days until my next vacation?
  23. How many more years until I can retire, actually?
  24. What do I have to do after work today?
  25. Sh*t. I forgot to get change for the meter.
  26. I wonder what our meeting is about today.
  27. *Gets off the highway because there’s too much traffic. GPS looses signal, no idea where to go or  how to read a map.*
  28. Damn, I’m going to be late now. I hate traffic!!!
  29. Am I prepared? Did I leave anything? Where’s my notebook?
  30. Sh*t. Did I leave my hair iron on?
  31. What about the clothing iron?
  32. *Looks down* UGH. I forgot to take my chipped nail polish off.
  33. *Goes to tie hair.* I forgot my hair ties. Today’s going to be a good day. Not.
  34. Where’s my boyfriend? Why haven’t I heard from him yet?
  35. My deodorant is all over my shirt. How embarrassing.
  36. Why am I so tired? I got *counts in head* nine hours of sleep!
  37. OMG. I desperately need a car wash.

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