Some Genius Is Installing Special Toilets For Puking In Clubs & Frat Houses

A few weeks after my younger sister turned 21, we went to Las Vegas. We quickly learned that with the help of a promoter, the drinks were flowing and we didn’t even have to flirt with creepy old dudes to make it happen. During one night out, my eighth free vodka cran wasn’t sitting well so I excused myself to the ladies’ room to pull a little puke and rally move. Vomming in a public toilet is not the classiest or most hygenic thing I’ve ever done, but I wasn’t going to cut my last night in Vegas short.
Next thing I know, there’s a knock at my stall door and a booming male voice asking if I’m okay. He was waiting for me as I exited the bathroom with two other body guards ready to escort me out, but after a short convo, they realized I was fine. Guess the bathroom attendant ratted on me and they’re used to people puking their brains out in there.
So to the nice security man at LAX, I propose to you this idea I discovered on Reddit: chest-high toilets for puking.
Apparently clubs in the Czech Republic as well as frat houses in Germany are installing these babies so partygoers can puke in peace. Without kneeling on the gross floor. Some even have armrests. 
toilet for puking the Czech Republic
Some may say this will encourage people to drink to the point to getting sick, but do you ever actually intend to throw up? Of course not, but it happens to the best of us. At least now a puker can do his or her thing without hogging a stall.
America, take notes.

[Story via Reddit]
[Lead image via Shutterstock]

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