Robert Pattinson Opens Up About The "Darkness" Of Fame, Feels Like a Fraud

I mean, I suppose we all knew this statement was bound to happen. Have you seen Robert Pattinson in public? He looks perpetually disgusted by the whole concept of “celebrity” and “paparazzi.”
Pattinson rose to fame through his role in the Twilight films and is no stranger to the world of entertainment drama. Not only did he have to endure with the stress of the press destroying his relationship with Kristen Stewart after she cheated, now he has to watch as his fiancée, FKA twigs, is harassed by his angry fans by racist comments—only because he is with her.
If you’re racist in this day and age, f*ck you. Seriously. You know so much better than to attack someone on the grounds of their race. To spout off racial hatred only reflects poorly upon you. Grow up.

Pattinson feels undeserving of his success which, he believes, is where his inner turmoil stems from. He states, “…I’m quite proud that I’m still getting jobs. To go from starting a job by accident when you’re 16 and maintaining it somehow…Because of falling into a job, you always feel like you’re a fraud, that you’re going to be thrown out at any second.”
He also has apologized to his two sisters often for bringing them unwillingly into his famous lifestyle. Pattinson, while he loves the art of acting, hates the side effects of fame. He claims that he is able to remain sane by recognizing that everyone has to deal with craziness at some point in his or her life.
Most interesting? He hates his nickname “R Pattz.”
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