Someone Encouraged People To Kill Feminists At University Of Toronto

Before I begin, I need to throw out there that I do not understand why people feel so threatened by feminism. Is gender equality so bad? Is the thought of a woman making equal pay for equal work something evil? Treating women like human beings?! How is this controversial?! How does this incite such rage in people that it inspires them to kill in some instances?
Put it this way: we’re seeking to stop prioritizing men’s needs over women’s. For some reason, this sparks such uneducated, wild hatred.
This wild hatred manifested once again and bore its ugly head last week in the city of Toronto, Canada.
An unidentified person posted threatening comments against feminists at the University of Toronto on a local city guide website called These comments were made under the username of “Kill Feminists,” which were screencapped and tweeted to local police. They appeared as follows:

“Ruin your life with false sex rape allegations?” Seriously? This comment is so stupid I can’t even think of anything coherent to respond to it. All that’s running through my head is loud, internal screaming.
The full-length comments were later discovered to be re-posted on to Reddit. The comment reads:

“Next week when a feminist at the University of Toronto tries to ruin your life with false sex rape allegations, rent a gun from a gang and start firing bullets into these feminists at your nearest Women’s Studies classroom.” “The feminists who act rude to you at the University of Toronto should be shot to death and the remaining survivors tied to a tree with their throats slit with a dull knife.”You have nothing to lose. Go into the nearest Sociology or Womens Studies classroom next week, and fire bullets into the Professor’s head and spray bullets all over the room until all the feminists are dead.””If a female student or professor acts lewd in the classroom and disrespects you at the University of Toronto. You can rent a machine gun at Jarvis.”Walk into the classroom and fire a bullet in the feminist professor’s head and proceed to spray bullets all over the classroom until all the slutty women are killed. “If you need any guns to kill any feminists at the University of Toronto next week, there is a gang at Jarvis who is renting guns for $40 a day.”

Thankfully, the Reddit response to the Kill Feminists commenter has been largely negative. It’s nice to know that the human race hasn’t lost its mind completely.
Multiple women’s studies classes were cancelled on Monday at the University of Toronto. The police state that they are investigating, but haven’t identified a “credible threat.” The school has every right to be concerned, however, because in 1989, a man killed 14 women, claiming that he was “fighting feminism.”
The University of Toronto Education Workers Women’s Caucus issued a statement on their website, stating, “Violence that seeks to silence feminist voices cannot and will not succeed in its goals. Though some of us may choose to cancel classes to ensure the safety of our students and colleagues, these ideas will continue to be taught, debated, and theorized by some of the greatest minds at UofT.”
Hey, Kill Feminists guy? You can’t “kill” an idea.
Yesterday, a rally was held in order to show that Toronto is “a feminist town; …women must be able to go to class without fearing for their lives; that feminist ideas of equity are essential to building a just society.”

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