Wednesday Workout: 4 Tips To Make The School Gym Less Intimidating

No one wants to look bad in front of strangers, and no one wants to be that person who makes a fool out of him- or herself at the gym. This is especially the case when it comes to your university’s gym or fitness center, where one blunder in front of a group of guys can lead to a semester of embarrassment when you see them again in your freshman English class. Due to this known ability by your peers, many students are often intimidated and avoid the fitness center, instead of using it as an outlet when the stress of exams picks up. If you find yourself intimidated by the school gym, here are four helpful tips for you.

1. The Buddy System

The buddy system is always a good way to approach a new place or a situation that you might not be comfortable with; it can also be a good way to both hangout with a friend and get in a good work out too. Whether you are both at the same fitness level or not, working out together can allow for you both to become more familiar with the facility and the equipment; maybe even learn something from one another.

2. Look, Google, Practice

New or unfamiliar equipment can at times be overwhelming, especially in a new facility with new equipment. Scoping out your school gym, can allow you the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment without putting yourself into a potentially embarrassing situation. Simply pop in the gym wearing your every day close and walk through like your looking to see what they have. If you see a piece of equipment that you are not familiar with just take a picture of the instruction diagram which most should have, go home and look up ways to use it on Google or YouTube. Become familiar with what workouts you can do, make a plane than go to the gym and try it our; but start with lightweight till you become use to the exercise.

3. Ask the Front Desk

The staff at most school gyms and fitness centers are usually a mix of faculty and students on work-study. It is part of there job, to instruct staff in the use of the equipment, and if necessary assist those who have questions on there use. If you find that there is a piece of equipment you do not know how to use, and don’t want to ask anyone working out, then simply find a staff member and ask, I’m sure it would be their pleasure to assist you.

4. Damsel in Distress

Although I am not a fan of this tip, it does work many times over. If you find yourself at the school gym, uncertain how to use a piece of equipment, simply find the nearest guy (preferably hot guy) working out and put on your most sincere “can you please help me” face. I guaranty they will help, but it will come with a price. In many cases it is the fantasy of guys who go to the gym, to have a beautiful girl approach them in need of help or instruction. If you use this tip be ready to be hit on and be ready for them to potentially ask you out or at the very least for your number. If you have no problem with this, this is the tip for you.

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