Try To Tell Me This 2-Year-Old Gymnast Isn't A Future Gold Medalist

It’s bad enough that, at 24, I’m at the age where tons of models and professional athletes are younger than me. It only makes me feel like I’m slacking ever so slightly. And now I feel even worse after discovering Arat Hosseini. At almost two years old, this Iranian child is practically ready to compete in the Olympics.
While most toddlers are busy mastering walking, Arat’s Instagram page shows him pulling off moves like a pro gymnast. From doing splits on top of the television to pulling off bridges during a swim in the river, Arat’s moves are beyond impressive. Even more so when you remember that he’s TWO. YEARS. OLD.

Will we ever not be fascinated by child prodigies? Probs not.
Turn into the 2028 Olympics to see Arat in action. In the meantime, check out his jaw-dropping moves here.

[Photos via Instagram]

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