This Bride Decided To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer & The Pics Are Absolutely Beautiful

When photographer Liisa Luts got married in August, she did something a little unorthodox: she decided to be her own wedding photographer. Liisa and her husband, Henno, are both from Tallinn, Estonia. They run a small business together named Mellow, where they offer various services related to photography, videography, and animation. Liisa decided to take more of a non traditional approach to the whole wedding planning process. She said,

We didn’t feel like we needed a gallery of beautiful dolled-up photos from a third perspective. We wanted our own, authentic images. We are simple people and we didn’t feel like putting on a show, not did we want any stress planning it. We just wanted to make it legal and celebrate a bit.

On the morning of the big day, Liisa grabbed her Fujifilm X-T10 and took pictures from her perspective, which definitely added a special and personal touch to her wedding day.
You can check out some of the photos from Liisa’s photography project down below.

After her project had been posted, Liisa has been stunned by the positive feedback she has gotten from her photos and shared,

I’m really happy with the result and a bit stunned that it has got a lot of positive feedback. The aim of sharing it is to inspire people to go the way they feel and not to do things just by the book.

If you’ve become a fan of Liisa’s and are anxious to check more of her amazing photography, you can head on over to her site.

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