Andy Samberg Revealed His HBO Login & It Actually Works

If your ex-boyfriend changed his HBO password and you are missing out on the best shows, you’re in luck. During the Emmys, host Andy Samberg revealed “his” HBO NOW login information…and it actually works. Now you can finally watch Game of Thrones and bond with your roommate!

Samberg pointed out that HBO’s CEO said he was fine with password sharing.

Lucky for you, @AndySamberg is a very generous #Emmys host. 👀

— HBO NOW (@hbonow) September 21, 2015

emmys andy samberg hbo login

The username is and the password is password1 (of course).

No word on how long this will last, so you might want to call out of work tomorrow. Happy watching!

Update: 9/21/15, 1 pm

And as quickly as it happened, it’s over. The HBO Now login Andy Samberg gave out isn’t working anymore, so you’ll have to go back to begging your aunt for her info.

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