Teen Dies After Parents Claimed They Were Teaching A Lesson About Alcohol

Kendall Ball, 16, was found unresponsive in his home in Urie, Wyoming on July 7 after his parents claimed they were trying to teach him a lesson about alcohol.

Ball was Paulette Richardson’s biological son and Joseph Richardson’s stepson. The couple is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after they provided the teen with alcohol, proclaiming that he’d drink himself sick and no longer have a desire to consume alcohol.

The Uinta County Herald, a local newspaper, reported Ball’s biological father being an alcoholic. According to the newspaper, Ball had been expressing his desire to drink for the past three years and the couple feared him turning out like his father.

Paulette and Joseph provided Ball and a friend of his, who is a teenager as well, with alcohol for a total of two hours. Around 3:45 a.m., Ball’s mother went to check on him after he had gone to bed.  What she discovered is something no parent ever wants to come across.

Ball was found unconscious with a blood alcohol level reportedly over seven times the legal limit at .587 percent, according to an autopsy.

Wyoming couple charged in teen's alcohol death say they were trying to teach him lesson http://t.co/g9tWj4YliH pic.twitter.com/sOkPr4Hsnn

— Toronto Sun (@TheTorontoSun) September 16, 2015

Authorities have yet to determine whether or not Ball’s friend who was present that night will be charged with a crime, but the Richardsons could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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