If You Live In Japan, Hot Men Will Come Wipe Your Tears

Okay, wtf. Where the hell was this service when I needed it when I was locked in the library for ten plus hours last Spring Semester? I’m mad. You guys could have made a fortune off of me.
Ikemeso is a company that offers the service of “therapeutic crying” specialists. So, if you live in Japan, happen to be in an office and are feeling very sad, Ikemeso is going to come to your rescue. Their services will become available to Japanese workplaces on September 24, 2015.

According to Ikemeso’s website, you can choose the man you would like, and he will come to your office. He will play you a video to make both you and your colleagues cry and then he will “kindly” wipe the tears he caused away. He then leaves. The goal of the service is to help you bond with your coworkers and to improve office morale. While the service of wiping your tears for you is certainly interesting, I’m not necessarily sure how it achieves those goals.
But, I digress.
Below you can see images of some of the men you can hire to wipe your tears away for the equivalent of $65. I didn’t even know that there was such a profession called “therapeutic crying” specialist. I might have to go change my major today.
hot men wipe tears
Honestly, you don’t even need to play the therapy video, mysteriously hot Japanese man. I can cry on command thinking about all the homework I’ve been strategically avoiding (like all good college students, you know). If you need a practice dummy, you can find me in the bowels of Manhattan College’s library, thanks.
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