Ruby Rose Says A Publication Released Semi-Nude Photos Without Her Permission

Have you ever heard of The Untitled Magazine? Probably not, but they want to make sure you do, even if that means exploiting one of today’s rising stars to do it. Orange Is the New Black breakout star Ruby Rose took to Instagram to blast the publication, claiming they released a semi-nude photo of her without her permission. Not only that, they sold the photos to other media outlets.
According to Rose, she previously had a conversation with the publication about the photos, in which both parties agreed not to run an image that showed her nipple. Months later, the image surfaced online, and Rose found that the magazine published the photo anyway, ironically in their “Girl Power” issue. Although the photo doesn’t run alongside the interview online, it is reportedly in the magazine’s hard copy.
Ruby Rose asked fans, including her five million Instagram followers, to boycott the magazine.

I am pro “free the nipple” so when I was tagged in this photo by fans I wasn’t sure where it came from but I assumed a BTS from a friends shoot or one where we had approved slightly transparency in an image. Imagine my shock to find that @theuntitledmagazine decided to publish images of me after we explained we wouldn’t be doing the shoot if I wasn’t appropriately covered. The difference with working with a friend and or choosing to use nudity for art / and someone taking the piss and exploiting you is two different things. Not only is this 8 months old.. The photos unapproved but they also sold photos to other publications. The interview made no sense 8 months on.. Please if you are a fan of mine boycott this issue. Or you are buying into greedy, exploitative propaganda. I have plenty of other shoots I’m proud of with professionals coming up its not needed in your collection.

However, in a statement released to Daily Mail Australia, The Untitled Magazine claims Rose’s representatives knew images from the embargoed shoot had been mistakenly released to a Canadian news agency by the photographer’s agent.

You can see the other photos from Ruby Rose’s photo shoot below.

[Story via Daily Mail]
[Lead image via Getty]

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