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18 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Walking Dead’


watch the walking dead

I can’t even believe I have write this article because there are some fools on this planet who think that they are above AMC’s The Walking Dead. I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely not and are missing out on a great series. There’s nobody on this planet who is “better” than The Walking Dead. Get over your squeamishness and glue your eyes to that television set. You have two weeks to catch up before it returns to AMC with its sixth season on October 11, 2015 at 9 pm.

Tragically, I was like you once, thinking that zombies were overrated. However, thankfully, I sat down and watched season one during a Christmas break. I started watching it at around 10 p.m. and then suddenly, it was three in the morning and I was about two and a half seasons deep. From that point, I knew that there was no going back. Lo and behold, I now have a poster of Rick Grimes hanging in my dorm room as we speak.

You may be thinking, “It’s just another zombie show. Who cares?” The answer is: me. I care. And, for one, it’s not “zombie” it’s “walker.” It’s not about the walkers – it’s about the people; the relationships they form; how humanity reacts when it’s under extreme (a gross understatement) duress. The walkers are almost an afterthought in the grand scheme of things. You have to have action and you have to have general grossness in a zombie program – that’s standard. But, that’s not the focus – it’s Rick Grimes and his newfangled family as they struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic America.

While I feel like I still shouldn’t have to make this list, I’ve compiled a bunch of reasons why you should be watching The Walking Dead this October. If you don’t, I’m going to send Rick Grimes to your residence to bite your jugular out. Arrivederci!

1. Unforgettable Characters

While it may take the writers of The Walking Dead a bit to flesh out the characters in the show, these characters will come to life. You’ll be on your couch screaming at the top of your lungs, cheering them on as they learn how to survive on the zombie-plagued Earth. Any pain they feel, you feel. You share their successes and you share their losses. In short, these characters are no longer mere “characters” to you. It’s cliche, but there’s a bond formed between you, the viewer, and the protagonists in The Walking Dead’s universe.

2. Delicious, Delicious Bloodshed

Who doesn’t love a good, graphic explosion of blood? With plenty of enemies and villains to attack and dismember, there’s plenty of blood to be spilled. Thanks to Rick Grimes & Co., you’ll get your fill of bloodshed every Sunday at 9 pm.

3. Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is the redneck we’re all really confused to admit we’re attracted to (I’m not–my friends tell me I have a very odd taste in men). The man of few words; the man with the motorcycle; the man who hunts squirrels; the man with the crossbow. Should there be an actual zombie apocalypse, I’m finding Norman Reedus immediately and latching onto him for dear life.

4. A Theme Song To Die For

Anything I write I feel as if it won’t do this tasty little number justice. It inspires not only tension, but excitement to keep you glued to your couch for the next hour. It is the definition of drama. You can listen to the theme song below because speaking about it just isn’t going to cut it. You have to experience it.

5. Villains That Make Your Blood Boil

The mere mention of The Governor to this day fills me with such rage. The villains in this show are the literal definition of “pure evil.” With all societal conventions torn apart, there’s nothing keeping these naturally evil people in check. Thus, those who are the enemies of the group are truly barbaric.

6. Romantic Drama

Because you can’t have a show on television without some sort of romantic complication between the main characters. In The Walking Dead, whether that be the love triangle of Rick, Lori and Shane, or the drama of the Governor and Andrea; if you’re the type of person who NEEDS romance in their weekly show, The Walking Dead has got you covered.

7. Environment

There’s something very cool about a depopulated United States that is now ravaged by the undead. Dilapidated cities? Civilizations within prisons? Caravans? A quiet suburb turned militaristic? Anything you can imagine (go ahead, think about it!) has been warped in The Walking Dead universe. Truly nothing is the same.

8. Gore

“But, Caroline! You already said bloodshed!” you whine. If no one has told you before, let me be the first to say that gore is far different than a waterfall of blood. The Walking Dead features dangling intestines, beheadings and rotting flesh–it’s amazing. There is no other show on television that shows such pure gore like this television show does. Given that Halloween is next month, perhaps bloody, rotting organs is exactly what you need to get you in the seasonal mood.

9. Scenes So Tense You’ll Fall Off Your Couch Screaming

Personal anecdote time! I was watching this show with my friend, Leah, last semester. The show became so intense that we did actually fall off of the couch and screamed–to the point where the RA came in to ensure everything was all right.


That story was not an isolated incident, however. This television program will overwhelm your brain with tension and stress. You’ll be constantly worried about the characters within the show. You’ll go to bed, praying to God and asking Him to make sure that Daryl Dixon stays alive.

Because quite frankly, if Daryl Dixon dies, we riot.

10. Strong Female Characters (a.k.a. Carol & Michonne)

On what other television program are you going to see women kicking *ss like it’s their job? Few, if any others exist at all. Watch the dynamic character growth of Carol and cheer her on as she becomes the boss she is today. Watch as Michonne effortlessly traverses the terrain on her own, slicing through the undead horde like they’re made of paper. No more of this “I’m only here for a romantic subplot” bullsh*t. These women are here to kick serious butt.

11. Rick Grimes

From a devastated, confused father rose the Rick Grimes viewers know today. He is a ruthless, protective survivalist who knows how to deliver a one-liner. He’s out not only to protect his kids, but his new family, too. He makes the tough decisions and is an incredible combatant, too. Paired up with Daryl? The duo is unstoppable.

12. The F*cking Undead Horde

The literal cannon fodder for this show. While the walkers are still grossly terrifying, it’s great fun to watch as Rick Grimes & Co. tear through packs of walkers like it’s nothing. This show wouldn’t be as fun without the ever-looming threat of our favorite characters being jumped by walkers.

It’s less fun and more of a gutwrencher when they’re jumped by the living. Then you have all sorts of worries running through your brain.

13. The Group’s Weapons

Crossbows, Samurai swords, knives, pistols–you name it, the group’s got it.

14. Plot Twists And Betrayals

Yeah, I get it–other shows contain your occasional plot twist and a betrayal, but The Walking Dead’s plot twists and betrayals will stay with you forever. You’ll never recover from some of the inter-group drama and the resulting aftermath of said drama. The drama is amped up that much more because the consequences are far more dire. Who cares that someone was murdered in a sorority house in Scream Queens? They still have food and shelter!

15. Death

It’s no surprise that death is a major component to The Walking Dead universe. It’s not solely about how cool Rick Grimes & Co. looks while slaying their millionth walker. It’s about the tragedy that follows in the characters and likely in your own heart after the death of a beloved character. No one is safe in The Walking Dead, meaning that you’re constantly on your toes when a walker pops out or when someone is taken hostage.

16. “Stuff; thangs.”

Rick, as mentioned earlier, can deliver a mean one-liner, but sometimes, these one-liners are not received in the way the writers may have intended them to be. In addition to being preoccupied with “stuff” and “thangs,” Rick is almost incessantly fixated on survival – as he should be – but much to the comedic entertainment of the viewer.

17. Adventure

If you’re like me and you’ve grown up in the shadow of the greatest city in the world, otherwise known as suburbia, you know very little about rural America and likely have have no interest in travelling to rural America.

The Walking Dead begins in rural Georgia and generally stays away from major cities (excluding Atlanta), so, in short, it’s one big adventure through flat, grassy fields and forests. The group could come across a new civilization, new villains or much-needed supplies for themselves. You never know what the group will come across nor do you know what could be hiding in said forests. Animals? Walkers? Human beings? I could go on.

18. Painful Cliffhangers

This show is notorious for having filler episodes that make you question why you watch the show in the first place. However, it isn’t until the last five minute until something dramatic happens and then you’re forced to watch next week’s episode.

That is one negative aspect in a sea full of positives. Do not let that deter you from watching this fantastic show.

You know no true pain until The Walking Dead ends the season finale with a cliffhanger like no other. You’ll spend the next couple of months pulling your hair out, worried about your favorite fictional characters. You best find a friend who is into the show – you’re going to need to talk your feelings out.

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