NASA Scientists Just Made A Huge Discovery On Mars

Pack your bags! Your next move might not be a state over, but a planet over.
Scientists have announced that flowing water is almost definitely present on the surface of Mars.
Nasa said last week that there had been a “major science finding” on the Red Planet and a “mystery had been solved.” Today they revealed their new information: Long, dark streaks found on the Martian terrain consisted of mineral salts that easily absorb moisture, and that flowing water on the surface is the likeliest explanation for their appearance.
So what does this discovery really mean? Since water is such an important source of life, we assume that it is for others (if there are any out there). Finding liquid water on Mars means there may be past or present life on the planet. Scientists already knew Mars has water frozen at its poles, but this flowing water is huge.
It may also mean life could be sustained on Mars if Earth ever became uninhabitable.
Fingers crossed for (non-evil) aliens.

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