These Sorority Girls Can't Stop Taking Selfies At A Baseball Game

We’ve all been there: you’re at a sisterhood event that you have very little interest in, but you’re doing your best to snap a photo that is recruitment video-worthy. Unfortunately for some Arizona State Alpha Chi Omega members, their selfies enjoying a girls’ night at the ballpark were all caught on camera.

Reddit user pnw_smalls posted a video where the girls repeatedly take selfies…for two minutes straight…in the stands of an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

The Diamondback announcers caught their shameless selfie shoot, and tore them apart. [youtube] Hey, if you’re going to spend $12 on a churro, you might as well have a photoshoot with it. Some people are ripping these girls apart for paying zero attention to the baseball game going on (for two minutes of a three hour game, FYI), I support you, selfie girls. We all do it…you just got caught…on national television. Do it for the ‘gram.

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