Help Tom Hanks Return Lauren From Fordham University's Student ID

Losing your student ID is not a fun time. All of a sudden, you can’t swipe into your dorm building, go to the dining hall, or check out library books (lolz jk no one does that anymore becuz internets). It seems like nothing good can come if this situation that will inevitably end in someone returning your card the day after you shell out 30 bucks for a new ID.
Somehow, this situation turned into an awesome opportunity for Lauren from Fordham University. It seems as though the student dropped her student ID in the park and it was picked up by none other than Tom Hanks. TOM FREAKIN’ Hanks.
The actor tweeted out a photo, kindly covering her last name, in an effort to reunite Lauren and her ID.

Tom Hanks: actor, producer, and hero.

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