If You're On LinkedIn, You Might Be Getting Money Soon

I really don’t understand LinkedIn, to be honest. Never have I heard that someone got a job/career through the website, but everyone seems to have one. My friend has been pressuring me to sign up for ages now, but I can’t get behind it. Now, let me tell you, I’m angry I didn’t succumb to his peer pressure and sign up.
The Week reports that due to a class-action lawsuit over LinkedIn’s nonstop flood of emails, the site has agreed to pay $13 million to affected members. These emails were sent as part of the website’s “Add Connections” program which ran between September 2011 and October 2014. They reportedly mentioned a potential contact’s name five times, making the users reaching out to make professional connections seem desperate.
Those who used LinkedIn’s “Add Connections” program within the period mentioned above could be entitled to financial reparations.
While the payout might not be substantial, think of the joy your fingertips will feel after you receive that cash. All of those aggravating taps on your phone screen to delete email after aggravating email – you now have your justice, fingertips.

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