The Fish Gape Is The New, Much Improved Version Of The Duck Face

After years with being bombarded by duck face selfies, we are finally free. RIP duck face, because there’s a new aquatic animal-face taking over Instagram. It’s called the fish gape, and it’s approximately nine times more flattering than sucking invisible spaghetti.
Essentially, this look involves slightly parting your mouth, exposing just a hint of your pearly whites. Paired with sultry eyes (think, how you look at pizza for example), the fish gape looks natural without a cheesy grin taking over your face.
Let’s break it down.
fish gape
Take a look at celebrities from Shay Mitchell to Selena Gomez who have mastered the fish gape on Instagram.

Fish gapes are pretty cute and definitely an improvement on those annoying duck faces I want to slap. However, call me old-fashioned, but I’m a fan of a classic smile.

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