Northern Arizona Shooting Leaves One Dead, Delta Chi Fraternity Brothers Likely Victims

A shooting occurred on Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff during the early morning hours of October 9, leaving one dead and three wounded. The shooter is in custody and was revealed as 18-year-old freshman Steven Jones during a press conference this morning.
Delta Chi fraternity brothers were “involved” in the shooting, according to nationals.
From Twitter reports, it seems that frat brothers were victims.

The victim who died was apparently a freshman student at NAU.
Delta Chi has a fraternity house off the NAU campus, but according to reports the shooting took place in the parking lot outside Mountain View Hall residences where a majority of Greek Life students live. The first call of shots fired came at 1:20 am local time or 4:20 am EDT.
A witness told the Arizona Daily Sun:
“We had just left a party and were standing in the street getting ready to walk home when a guy walked up with a pistol and just started shooting…I heard five or six shots and then my friends just tackled him. They got him really quick. We were leaving and it all happened on the sidewalk across from Mountain View.”
This is the second shooting to involve Delta Chi brothers in the past five years. Back in 2011 the fraternity house was attacked by a drive-by shooting.
According to KTRK-TV, there are more than 20,000 students at the Flagstaff campus of NAU.
Northern Arizona, founded in 1899, is a public university with 27,000 students across its campuses, including the main Flagstaff campus. The school also has 36 satellite campuses across the state.

Update: Watch the live press conference below.

This story is developing.

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