10 Things All People In Long Distance Relationships Are Tired Of Hearing

In today’s installment of people-say-the-most-obnoxious-things, let’s talk LDRs. As if being with someone who lives far away ins’t bad enough, you have to factor all the silly comments people make about your relationship…it’s all very tough. So for those of you who are braving the distance, try this: During your next Skype date, take a sip of wine for every one of these things you’ve heard.

1. “You always seem to be alone!”

6356138286655506351610301614_go-on Because you choose to stick with one person instead of nabbing whomever is available just for the sake of having a date to an event. Thanks to everyone for pointing it, though.

2. “He’s probably cheating on you.”


3. “Do you guys ever get freaky on Skype?”

NOYB. Bye.

4. “You’re wasting the best years of your life.”

Nah, actually the people who judge other peoples’ relationships are the ones wasting time.

5. “You’re so lucky, relationships take so much time when you live in the same city.”

Yeah, because coordinating times to talk/visit each other is just a walk in the park.

6. “Oh my god, you must get soo lonely.”

Such an original statement. Seriously.

7. “Why don’t you just find someone in the same city?”

Because actually, you know, liking the person you date is sort of important.

8. “Long distance relationships never work.”

Get out of my face, thanks.

9. “You wouldn’t understand, you’re not in a real relationship.”

Really, though?

10. “Long distance relationships suck.”

This is the worst one…mostly because it’s sort of true.
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