Some Genius Is Making Bank By Delivering Food To Hungover College Students

Perhaps the greatest thing I’ve discovered in my past year in The Big Apple is that your delivery options aren’t just limited to Domino’s – you can get ridiculously good food from sushi to ice cream to McDonald’s brought right to your door. More than once, usually on particular rainy Sundays, I refuse to leave the apartment while I nurse my hangovers with the help of Seamless. If only this was available while I was in college…
Oh wait, now it is. At least at Plymouth University in the UK.
Plymouth student George Galbraith came up Hangover Helpers, a service that delivers from fast food places that usually don’t deliver like KFC and McDonald’s right to the bedside of college students who had a little too much fun the night before. Hey, sometimes the walk to the dining hall is just too far.
Hungover zombies simply call a number to place their order. Students can either use PayPal or hand over their cash when they receive the food. Prices of delivery are £2.50 for any order under £10 and £4 for any orders over £10. Worth every penny.
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So what school is going to start the first US chapter of Hangover Helpers and become the heroes of campus?

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