Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Break Up Rumors Are Making The Rounds After Harris Visits "Happy Endings" Spa

Add Calvin Harris to that long list of ex-lovers. Radar Online reports that power couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have broken up.
The reason for the break up rumors are pretty bizarre – they say Calvin Harris went to a Thai massage parlor, known for its “happy endings,” back in September. According to the source, Harris spent two hours there, which made Swift very suspicious about what was really going on. Let’s not forget to mention that Harris has a personal masseuse, so going to a place that charges $40 an hour for a rub down seems pretty fishy.
To make matters worse, Calvin lied to Taylor about his visit. When she saw photos surface online, he apparently said that he needed his shoulder worked on because his own masseuse was sick, but T. Swift wasn’t buying it.

The rumors state Swift dumped Harris about a week ago while she was still touring and refused to meet up with him despite his attempts. This could possibly explain why Swift recently mentioned she wanted to “take a break” from music, or maybe this breakup will serve as some new album inspiration?
Grab that Ben & Jerrys pint, Swifties. We’ll get through this together.

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