7 Reasons Guys Are Into The “Lazy Bum” Look This Fall

Fall is here and every basic white girl is putting away their short-shorts and bikinis to don their assorted pairs of yoga pants. Guys come to terms with a few things this time of year: Hoodies will be missing for one reason or another, getting out of bed was probably met with difficulty and so you decided for the au naturel look, and cuddling will have raised stakes with five top layers (but still no bra). And really, ladies, we get it. The sun is rising later and you’re “like so depressed summer is over.” But fret not! The lazy bum look is in! And here are some reasons guys love it:

1. You’re wearing yoga pants 

khloe kardashian yoga pants

Hello, butt! Nice to see you’re sticking around for the winter months.

2. You’re wearing our hoodies

cara Delevingne

We do not like it when you are cold. You whine and complain and steal our hoodies. We do like when you walk around campus in our hoodies though, and when you tackle us and say, “You’re soooo warrrmmmm!” You being cold is a small price to pay for us to be seen with you hanging off of us.

3. The Au Naturel Look

no makeup on gif

Guys aren’t that thickheaded (eh…). We know this means that you’re just going to use concealer and just a little bit of mascara. We like your face, so we can dig that. It gives off the impression there may be the slightest chance you’re not completely high maintenance (eh…).

4. … Or fall makeup

eye opening gif

Easily the most simple (to my limited male brain knowledge); blacks, whites, browns, and auburns. Did I miss anything? Why do girls dye their hair green?

5. Your hairstyle

messy bun gif

Buns or ponytails means less waiting around for us.

6. Your less-than-strict diet

girl eating pizza

Comfort food is all too real, but that’s cool because we’re “bulking.”

7. You’re more inclined to chill


Netflix and chill, because you can’t go to the beach. And also movies. Or cuddling. Things in the “relaxed activity” column are always good in our book.

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