The Horniest College In America Is…

Sure, you have important school rankings such as their return-on-investment (ROI), their rank in regards to general education, or even which school parties the hardest, but what about the really fun ones? What about the horniest college?
I think we can all agree that if there is anything that is synonymous with the word, “college,” it’s sex.
According to OkCupid, they revealed that not only are Yale students 8.9 percent more attractive than the average United States college student, but 44 percent of them are masturbating daily and 57 percent of them say that their sex drive is higher than average.
No information has been given as to how these surveys were administered.
OkCupid even stated that Yale University is their top pick in almost everything. Not only is it a top-tier educational institution with the most attractive student body, Yale students really like to drink and smoke. In addition, 62.5 percent of Yale students enjoy big, Project X-esque, parties. Brown University and Duke University came in a close second and third respectively.
Congratulations, Yale! You did it. Give each other a big clap on the back, but please wash your hands first.

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