Ryan Murphy & Gwyneth Paltrow Are Teaming Up For What’s Already Our New Favorite TV Show

With Smash being a flop and Glee ending its six-season fun, there’s a TV musical-sized hole in our hearts. Luckily, the man behind Glee is teaming up with one of the series’ favorite guest stars for a brand new television show.

Hollywood Reporter says Ryan Murphy and Gwyneth Paltrow are pitching a musical dramedy (which will include original songs) called One Hit Wonders, which was originally conceived as a film in 2012.

Paltrow will play a 40-year-old singer who had one major hit, but gets a second chance 15 years after when a record label decides to form a super group with two other singers who also had hit songs in the ’90s. The trio seems to be a hit, but the record label may have their own interests at heart.

One Hit Wonders would be Murphy’s third anthology series, after AHS and American Crime Story, and Paltrow would only star in the first season. In 2012, when One Hit Wonders was originally set to become a film at Sony Pictures, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz were in talks to play the other two leads. However, they are not currently attached to the TV series.

Part Nashville, part Glee, and involves an inspirational girl group? We already want to set our DVRs.

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