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Is Candy Corn The Next Pumpkin Spice?


candy corn pile, candy corn traditional, candy corn craze

Sure, by now you are aware of the famous pumpkin spice latte and the revolution of pumpkin spice products on the market it sparked. You can buy pumpkin spice Oreo’s, oatmeal, margaritas, and so much more. But with an over-saturation of pumpkin spice, is it time for a new flavor in town?

Step aside, pumpkin spice – the advent of candy corn-flavored everything is beginning. While there were still a repertoire of new pumpkin spice products introduced this year, the commodity of the flavor has dwindled. Instead, stores are turning to a more traditional and iconic fall flavor: candy corn. These customarily yellow, orange, and white triangles have been around since the 1880s, however, they are about to take society by storm with unique updates. Big name brands like Hershey’s and Hostess have jumped on the candy corn bandwagon, but keep a watch out for the many more to join. Here are 12 candy corn-flavored and themed products that prove candy corn is the next big thing.

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