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Taking Fall Fashion To The Streets Of Brooklyn With Kohl’s Madden Girl Line


kohl's madden girl campaign

I was born in New York City, lived in its shadow for 18 years, and now have lived in the Bronx for the past two. In short, I’m a New Yorker through-and-through, and yet somehow have never taken a trip down to Dumbo, Brooklyn (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). On a beautiful fall day, I took a day excursion to Brooklyn to check it out with my own eyes in my brand new, warm Madden Girl gear.

Upon exiting the York Street station into the grand sunlight, my eyes began to dart about, taking in the black and white “Yes” banner in elegant script and the graffiti sprawled across the top edge of a brick building. It seems like the borough’s artists would leave no brick or wall untouched.

My trip began as I chose a random street to explore. I walked alongside the Manhattan Bridge-the walls beneath it covered in murals with every color imaginable. As the streets shifted randomly from asphalt to old cobblestones, I felt secure in my step as I traversed this new, mysterious location in my new boots. My senses were overloaded by too many man buns, but quickly relieved by the numerous beautiful dogs down in Dumbo.

kohl's madden girl campaign

Clearly, human beings are not the only species that like to take advantage of a beautiful fall day.

I’ve never felt as cozy as I did in my brand new green parka. I took a quick turn down the block and passed several pet accessory stores on my way to a cute coffee shop. After I ordered my standard, medium hazelnut coffee (black, of course), I headed for the waterfront. I pulled my new beanie over my ears and felt totally at peace with the world.

The world could have literally ended that day in Dumbo and I would still be reveling in how ridiculously comfortable and warm I was in my new fall gear.

kohl's madden girl campaign

In this day and age, if you didn’t document what you were doing or what you were eating and didn’t post it to Instagram, did you really go out at all? I had to prove that I went to Dumbo because, let me tell you, getting to Dumbo from The Bronx is not easy. I didn’t need someone challenging the validity of my day adventure. I sat alongside the water, snapped some pictures, texted some friends, and took in the fresh air and the beautiful blue sky. It was nice not having to listen to the One-train screech to a horrible halt at the station or having to listen to police sirens at all hours of the day.

madden girl fall line

I sipped quietly on my coffee and listened to the East River splash against the large grey rocks. Despite my constant touting of how much I hate Brooklyn (even as a self-professed indie kid), it was lovely to be in Brooklyn and away from my schoolwork. It was even better than I wasn’t walking around, shivering in my “jacket” and boots (as I tend to do, much to my mother’s chagrin).

kohl's madden girl campaign

On my way back to the train, I discovered the Taiwanese food truck, Biàn Dāng, parked in a lot serving up delicious food. I grabbed five fried chicken dumplings and scarfed them down before heading back to the F train. As I leaned against the poles, impatiently waiting for the train, I snuggled in deeper in my jacket, perfectly content with my long journey home.

kohl's madden girl campaign

Photography by Crawford Morgan

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