Kim Kardashian Was *THISCLOSE* To Being On An MTV Reality Show

It’s hard to remember a time before Kim Kardashian West was the queen of reality television. What’s easy to remember is the MTV reality shows that defined our teenage years – think The Real World, Laguna Beach, The Hills. It just to happens that before the Kardashian Klan were all over our computer screens every single day, Kim almost made an appearance on The Hills. 
Before Kim K made it big on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she worked as an assistant and stylist to stars of the 2000s such as Paris Hilton. Mirror got word from bad boy/all-around d-bag Spencer Pratt that for one job, she was filmed by MTV helping The Hills’ Heidi Montag organize her closet. The scene ended up on the cutting room floor.
With step-brother Brody Jenner on the show, it’s easy to connect the dots as to how Kim got the gig. She was also friendly with the reality show cast, even attending Heidi’s birthday party in 2008. (Yes, that’s Kourtney Kardashian also making an appearance!)
Before KUWTK, Kim also appeared on The Simple Life, the hilarious show that put Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in unglamorous situations and let the cameras roll.
The-Simple-Life kim kardashian
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