Modcloth Is Getting Rid Of Its Plus-Sized Section

In response to a survey conducted by ModCloth, the clothing retailer will be removing its plus-size section from its stores and website. This survey revealed that 65 percent of women feel that the fashion industry ignores the needs of the plus-size community. In addition, a staggering 74 percent of plus-sized women feel frustrated when they shop and another 65 percent feel excluded.
However, it isn’t what you think. ModCloth isn’t totally removing its plus-sized clothing section from its stores—it’s integrating the sizes into the rest of the store. In August, the company released their eponymous label campaign. This fashion line not only features larger sizes, but includes sizes that are smaller, shorter or taller than the traditional clothing sizes.
The company saw positive results in its two stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In addition, the CEO of ModCloth, CEO Matt Kaness, said that “seeing friends come into the shop, different body types and shapes, looking at the same fashion…was really impactful.”
Susan Gregg Koger, the found of ModCloth, is optimistic about the future of the fashion industry, saying, “…by retiring ‘plus’ from our site, we’re making a statement. This statement will not only provide a better shopping experience for our community today, but hopefully will spark a change in the broader fashion industry in the future.”
This is certainly a great step for society and for increasing body positivity amongst women everywhere. Shopping for clothes should not be a frustrating experience for anybody—it should be about having fun and trying on all sorts of clothes, no matter your body type.
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