Woman Has To Take Down Halloween Decorations Because Kids Would Probably Cry About Them

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget that Halloween isn’t about being the sexiest cat at the party or drinking enough to truly make November 1 feel like the Day of the Dead. It’s about fear – getting spooked at a haunted or sleeping with the lights on after watching a scary movie. Parma, Ohio resident Vicki Barrett took the true meaning of the holiday to her front yard with her intricate Halloween display with murdered bodies and gruesome corpses, but everyone freaked out so badly that she’s taking the decorations down.

Why does everyone hate fun (in the form of serial killer murder scenes)?

When neighbors and passersby started to complain about the gruesome display in Barrett’s yard, she first said she had no plans to remove her display because it didn’t break any laws, but the mother changed her mind when she feared what strangers who disliked the decorations would do.

“I came down one night a little bit after midnight and happened to see stuff flashing in my front yard and looked out my window and our front yard was full of people that we didn’t know,” she told Fox 8.

Maybe if Barrett’s house wasn’t so close to an elementary school this story would be different, but I guess we’ll just have to stick with pumpkins from now on. Boring…

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