25 Design Fails That Definitely Got Someone Fired

“What were you thinking?” is a phrase I’m all too familiar with. It’s come up many, many times in my twenty-some years on planet Earth, from the occasion where I decided to take pictures of my friends in my hallway when my mom specifically told me not to have people over to the time when I watched as my sister put a wet towel in the microwave in an attempt to dry it out.

The answer is always the same: I wasn’t thinking.

Luckily, my parents’ house did not catch fire that day. Some mistakes, however, are more permanent.

From impractical placing of toilets to questionable shadows, these facepalm-worthy design flaws most likely got someone fired. We all make mistakes, but some oopsies cross the line from “minor brain fart” to “total fail.” The following photos are examples of the latter.

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