Flirtmojis Are About To Make Your Booty Call Crazy Hot

I know you’ve been using that eggplant and banana emoji…and not because you’re hungry. But if you ever felt your booty call (well, booty text) was lacking the proper images, Flirtmoji is what you’ve been waiting for.

Flirtmoji was created a year ago to add some more colorful icons to the texting game. On October 9, they released a set of five diverse, body-positive vagina emojis. Because who doesn’t want to celebrate her vajayjay?

Each vagina has a unique shape, size, color, and grooming pattern so you can find one you relate to.

“We’re trying to empower people to better communicate their needs and wants in sex,” designer Jeremy Yingling told The Huffington Post. “Visual language (like emojis) is powerful stuff. With Flirtmoji, we worked hard to create the visual language that sex deserves: playful, sex-positive, body-centric, entirely inclusive art.”

There’s just one issue: Flirtmoji doesn’t quite fall into the standards of Google Play and Apple Store as that they don’t allow “sexually explicit content,” so you’ll have to go to the site to copy and paste the emojis into your sexts. But those sexy Halloween-themed icons just might be worth the effort.

Who said sexting was easy?

Check out some of our favorite Flirtmoji icons below.

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