Lena Dunham’s Dad’s Artwork May Explain Why She’s So Comfortable Going Topless

Ever since season one of HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham has had no problem being nude. We frequently find her character, the all-too-relatable Hannah, topless or wearing shorts that a tailor would cringe at, but she’s made it clear that she’s comfortable in her own skin. It’s one of the many reasons why love her.

Although Dunham admits she’s struggled with body images issues like many girls, maybe her dad, artist Carroll Dunham, had a hand in helping her accept her body. After all, most of his paintings seem to focus on naked women. Take a look at some of his art below.

Am I even slightly surprised that Lena Dunham has eccentric parents, including a dad who paints mainly naked women? Absolutely not.

I can’t even imagine what holidays at the Dunhams’ place is like.

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