WATCH: Britney Spears Dances Through An Awkward Mid-Show Wardrobe Malfunction

There’s a reason I love live theater – anything can happen. An actor might have to ad lib a forgotten line or a prop might decide to break in the middle of a scene, but you have to make it work. Concerts are no different, and many celebrities are victims of a wardrobe malfunction eventually. Britney Spears just experienced one herself.
During her Las Vegas show at┬áPlanet Hollywood, Britney’s zipper decided to undo itself in the middle of her song “3.” Despite her dancers’ best efforts (seriously, they were literally chasing her around the stage), that zipper wasn’t budging, but Spears handled it like a pro. Eventually, she decided to just screw it and finish up the song with her bare back exposed.
One fan caught it all on tape so Britney can show us all who is still boss. Check out Britney’s wardrobe mishap below.

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