10 Rules For Covering Up Annoying Dark Circles

There is really nothing cute about those dark circles that pop up when you’re low on sleep/hungover/suffering from allergies.

Luckily, there’s definitely a way (or rather several ways) to nix these annoying bags. I should know – I’ve counted dark circles as my biggest beauty concern for years (thanks, insomnia!) and have tried so, so many methods for getting rid of them, I’d love to share 10 tips with all of you right here, right now.

1. Moisturize under your eyes.

If you tend to get dry under your eyes, you’re definitely not making it any easier to hide those dark circles. Make sure you hydrate that area every day with a good eye cream. If you invest in a cream that also has a brightening effect, you may even find that you need less concealer to cover that darkness. This cream does a great job of hydrating and diffusing the look of circles.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

It’s simple: The more water you drink, the better your skin looks – and this totally makes a difference to the way your dark circles look as well.


3. Correct, then conceal.

Concealer should be a pretty good match for your skin tone, but sometimes this shade won’t nix heavy dark circles. Girls who want serious coverage should invest in an under eye corrector as well. This should be a salmon shade that will counteract the blue/purple tones in your circles before you go over it with a skin-toned concealer.

4. Go for a creamy concealer.

I used to use a stick concealer because they tend to be a bit easier to blend…..until I realized that solid concealers cake up way, way more than their creamy liquid-y counterparts. Opt for a creamy concealer, especially when you have a bit more time to really blend your product out. There’s a super easy way to do this…

5. The BeautyBlender is your best friend.

NOTHING makes my under eye area look better than the use of my trusty BeautyBlender. I just pick up a bit of product with the small end, add it to my under eye area and blend it all out for a full coverage – yet totally natural – look. I guess any sponge will work similarly, but I think the BeautyBlender is a total game changer.


6. Invest in an eye product that contains caffeine.

Just like a cup of coffee wakes you up after a short night of sleep, caffeine will help reduce the appearance of puffy, tired eyes.

7. ALWAYS wash off your eye makeup.

Nothing makes you look as tired as residual black liner collecting under your eyes.


8. Set your concealer.

Truth be told, I always skip this step. Still, if you want your concealer to stay put all day, it’s a good idea to set the product with a good powder. This will keep it from sliding around or melting off throughout the day.


9. Mix hard-to-blend concealer with your eye cream.

Some of the most effective concealers can also be really thick, heavy and difficult to blend. My favorite solution is to add a tiny bit of the aforementioned eye cream before applying concealer. This helps thin out the formula, making it easier to blend and less cakey – and it also merges eye cream and concealer into one quick step in your beauty routine.

10. Forget about finding something a shade lighter than your skin.

Yes, this can be a good way to brighten your under eye area…but it can also just not be enough coverage for dark circles. Opt for a full-coverage concealer that matches your skin tone for maximum coverage.

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