Kanye West Releases Two Brand New Songs

If you’ve been hungry for new music from Yeezus, today, you’re in luck. The Chicago-native rapper, Kanye West, has released two new songs via Soundcloud. The two tracks, entitled “Say You Will” (yes, he remade his own song) and “When I See It,” are reminiscent of classic Kanye, meaning that they’re laden with auto-tune.
The release of “Say You Will” proves that West can truly do anything. If you ask me, he changed very little to the song, but somehow it feels brand new. It’s a bit more epic (a giant backing chorus tends to do that) and is featuring Caroline Shaw, the Pulitzer Prize-winning violinist, composer and singer. “When I See It” opens up with a set of smooth, piano chords that continue to repeat throughout the track. Kanye West uses auto-tune almost excessively in this piece, indicating he knows he can do anything musically and we’ll eat it right up.
If you’re anything like me, you’ll be very excited to discover that he went back to his 808s & Heartbreak style. That album changed my 16 year old life, man.
You can listen to his new tracks below via Youtube. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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