Farrah Abraham Causes Controversy (Again) After Putting Makeup On Her Daughter For School Photo

I don’t think anyone watched Farrah Abraham’s episode of 16 & Pregnant and thought, “Wow. She’s going to be a great mom.” She hasn’t been doing much to convince critics otherwise, from making a sex tape to giving her daughter Sophia $600 from the toothy fairy. Now, the reality star is raising eyebrows for posting 6-year-old Sophia’s school photo which appears to show the little girl wearing makeup.

Followers immediately pointed out mascara and lip gloss on the first grade school photo.
Commenters said the following:

“No freakin 1st grader should have makeup. Playing makeup at home is ok but not for school.”
“I can almost guarantee that Sophie will grow up with some sort of body insecurity issue. Her mom obviously thought it was necessary to put makeup and do her eyebrows for her 1st grade picture.”
“A 1st grader needs mascara? Smh”

While some commenters felt others were overreacting and had no right to preach about Abraham’s parenting, the Teen Mom has previously been criticized for waxing her little girl’s eyebrows.
If you ask me, it’s sad enough that girls as young as 10 feel the need to diet. The last person who should be encouraging body consciousness, especially at 6 years old, is a little girl or boy’s parent.

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