10 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Lives In Another State

We all have that friend that almost makes us question our sexuality. Is it so wrong to be obsessed with your best friend? Let me tell you, the answer is no!
Best friends essentially do everything together. We get ready together, shop together, gossip together, laugh together, cry together…you name it, we do it together. But what happens when one of you has to move to another state for reasons that are all unacceptable to your best friend? Besides the fact that you’ll hopelessly be wishing for Justin Bieber to come along and make you one less lonely girl, here are ten things that happen when your best friend lives in another state.

1. You’re constantly wondering what she’s up to

When she’s not texting you back at lightning speed, you automatically assume something is wrong. “It’s been 10 minutes and she still hasn’t replied…What the hell is she doing? Has she forgotten about me?”

2. You still need your BFF to approve all of your outfits

Just as Gretchen said: “You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you.” The same rule applies for the outfits that you wear. Hope that outfit you’re wearing was best friend-approved.

3. Your phone is repeatedly being blown up with Facebook and Instagram mentions

Every cutesy quote, photo, or video you see, bestie has to see too. So, you basically mention her in all the posts from your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Oops.

4. Snapchat becomes an essential need in order to keep up with one another

Best friends snap each other everything. Your bestie’s favorite song comes on? Snapchat. You got a new pair of boots? Snapchat. Your boyfriend is being annoying and ignoring you for his video games? Best believe he’s being put on blast on Snapchat!

5. Screenshots become a daily routine

Things that are appropriate to screenshot and send to your best friend: someone getting engaged, finding the perfect wedding dress even though you don’t even have a boyfriend, and let’s not forget all the screenshots you send to each other of people being obnoxious on social media. Because that’s what best friends are for, okay?

6. The time difference makes you start to go insane

Especially because no one likes getting texts and mentions in the middle of the night when they’re trying to sleep the night before a huge exam. Let me have my beauty rest in peace!

7, You start to feel guilty when doing things you would regularly do together

These things include going shopping, going to your favorite sushi restaurant and even something as simple as painting your nails. It’s just not the same without your BFF.

8. You get mad when you see them hanging out with other people

Because MY best friend is MY best friend, and MY best friend only! Got it?

9. You start a countdown of when you’ll be reunited

This countdown starts immediately after you drop her off at the airport. Only four months, 6 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes, and 15 seconds to go until the moment you’ll be picking her up from the airport. *Sigh.*

10. You’re happy for them nonetheless

Even though you hate them for leaving you, you can’t help but be happy for them and know that it was what’s best for them. Plus, you know that no matter the distance, your friendship will remain as strong as ever.

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