5 Ole Miss Pikes Arrested After They Brutally Attack A Guy From A Different Fraternity

The University of Mississippi Police Department arrested five Pi Kappa Alpha members on Friday on charges of hazing, larceny, and assault, the Daily Mississippian reports. Tucker Cole Steil, James Declan Basile, Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes, and Austin Rice allegedly jumped and beat Sigma Pi member Jeremy Boyle outside the Sigma Pi house on October 6.
Tucker Cole Steil is charged with felony assault. James Declan Basile is charged with simple assault, hazing, and larceny — all misdemeanors. Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes, and Austin Rice are charged with misdemeanor larceny.
According to the Clarion-Ledger, Boyle heard a noise outside his house and “went outside to investigate” where he was allegedly then attacked by the five men.
Boyle was taken to the Baptist Medical Hospital for treatment of a concussion, ruptured eardrum, broken teeth, bruised lung, and bruised ribs. Boyle’s grandfather Robert told WAFB the men “descended upon [Boyle] and beat him unmercifully. Beat him within an inch of his life.”
No word on if this was a deliberate attack on Boyle or if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, this kind of brutal violence is totally uncalled for.
The University police referred all questions about the attack to Ole Miss spokesman Danny Blanton who said he did not know whether the school would issue a statement. According to the Daily Mississippian, the University has a zero tolerance policy for hazing, which only James Declan Basile was arrested for.
Despite the arrests, Local Memphis reports the University will take no disciplinary action against the men involved unless they are actually convicted of a crime. For now, they are all still enrolled as students at Ole Miss.
Wipe those smiles off your faces, boys. Even if you get off without jail time or problems from school administration, you’ll be the scum of campus forever.

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