Which Are The States With The Most Attractive Guys (AKA Where You Should Be Husband Hunting)?

If you are convinced that there are literally no good looking people in your state, you might be right. Dating app Clover set out on a mission to find out where the best and worst looking people in the United States reside, and I have some bad news for ladies who don’t live in the Midwest.
According to their study, 5 of the 8 states with the hottest guys live in the Midwest while 4 of the top 10 cities with the ugliest dudes are in California. West Coast, Best Coast my ass.

How’s this for fair: my home state of New Jersey ranks third for most attractive women and fourth for least attractive men. Sounds about right, considering I never found a boyfriend until I moved to New York City.
Anyway, take a look where your state ranks in the infographic below.
most attractive cities states

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