Meek Mill Mocks Drake, Responds To “Back To Back” Diss

It seems that the Drake-Meek Mill feud is far from over.

On Friday, October 23, Meek Mill fired shots at the Toronto-native rapper on stage at Power 99’s Powerhouse Philly 2015 show. Videos from the concert show Meek Mill making fun of Drake’s dancing skills (but can you really blame him?) and responding to Drake’s “Is that a world tour or you girl’s tour” jab from “Back To Back.” Meek Mill not so eloquently replied,¬†“You ain’t gonna have me up here looking like Drake on this motherf*cking stage. I’m a gangster… N*’s got two left feet.”

In reference to the “your girl’s tour” diss, Meek Mill stated, “Is that a joke? I got the hottest chick in the game, n*!”

Meek Mill, you still haven’t answered the question as to whether or not the tour is a world tour or your girl’s tour. With an answer like that, I think it’s fairly obvious that it is absolutely Nicki Minaj’s tour and you somehow maneuvered your name onto the lineup. Just because you have “the hottest chick in the game,” it doesn’t mean any of her talents rubbed off onto you.

Drake has not responded back to Meek Mill. His last comment in the beef was at a show in September where he said, “Don’t worry, [Meek Mill’s] dead already” in response to a crowd chant of “F*ck Meek Mill.”

You can watch some of the fan-recorded clips from Meek Mill’s hometown¬†show below. It seems like this feud will never end.

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