45 Thoughts & Struggles Girls Have Choosing A Halloween Costume

Deciding what to be for Halloween is a stressful process. Sure, you know it’s the “one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” But that doesn’t really help you actually deciding on a costume, especially when there are so many options.

Do you want to be creative and make a DIY costume? Will this be the first year you may actually be able to convince your boyfriend to do a couple’s costume with you? Or is it best to try to collaborate with your friends for a group costume? Hell, even when you narrow it down to whether it will be an individual or group effort, you still have a lot to struggle with in figuring out what to be.

Below are thoughts every girl has when trying to decide what to be for Halloween.

I need to make sure my costume is really unique this year. Last year was totally lame. Oh, here’s a cute idea, but have any of my friends already done this? What if someone else at the party is the same exact thing? Or worse, what if theirs is the same costume, only better? That would be so embarrassing.

What do I already own that I can use as a costume? Oh, maybe I’ll just wear a little black dress and buy cheap accessories. So many options: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a cat, a dark angel, a teacher… Ugh. No I’m not basic! Is it lame to just buy one of those pre-packaged ones? They’re so expensive. I’ll never wear it again! And they never fit right.

Okay, DIY costume it is. I don’t even know what this is, but the makeup tutorial looks really cool. There’s no way I can make my own costume; I can barely apply my eyeliner right. How is it possible for girls to make anything slutty? A slutty Chewbacca? REALLY?! I am so sick of wearing sexy costumes. It’s so played out. And I really don’t want to freeze to death.

You know what? I’m going to stand out this year by just being funny, not slutty. Screw it, I’ll just be a ghost. Or a pumpkin. I’ll do something ironic. But then no one will hit on me, right? Are people going to think I’m a freak? Do I even have to dress up? What the f*ck is the meaning of this holiday anyway?! I know it’s supposed to be spooky, NOT sexual.

Okay, this is silly. I am smart and creative. My costume should reflect that. Oh, maybe I’ll make a pun-type costume. Like a one-night-stand, or a Freudian slip. No, because then I will have to explain to people all night what I am. And even then they still may not even get it. Do I even have to dress up? Maybe I’ll just stay in and watch Hocus Pocus.

I want to do something that is relevant. Maybe I can just be a “Basic Bitch”– Uggs, Starbucks, selfies. BOOM. No, people will just think I am being myself. I don’t want to do anything that offends anyone. (Though, let’s be real, that’s hard to avoid nowadays). I’d love to do a Netflix & Chill costume, but no one will be my Chill. Have too many people already seen that Snapchat makeup tutorial? This is ridiculous, I am over thinking it.

I’ve wasted way too many hours looking at costume ideas. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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