Stop Everything: Beyonce Will Compete Against Channing Tatum In The Greatest 'Lip Sync Battle' Of All Time

I know you thought today was going to be a regular, boring Tuesday, but we’ve just been gifted with the greatest announcement in television history. Entertainment Weekly reports both Beyonce and Channing Tatum will compete on Lip Sync Battle next season…AT THE SAME TIME. AGAINST EACH OTHER.
Find the nearest brown paper bag. Hyperventilate into it.
Although this specific episode doesn’t yet have a specific air date, the series returns for its second season in 2016.

I low-key love Lip Sync Battle for taking such a simple concept and getting celebs like Anna Kendrick and Anna Hathaway to run with it. But getting A-listers like Beyonce and Channing? I’ll never be entertained again.
Who is your early money on?
channing tatum dancing gif
Or Bey?
beyonce dancing gif
To be real – we’re all winners here.

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