Demi Lovato Takes The Early Queen Of Halloween Crown With Her Hilarious "Trap Queen" Costume

It was right there, yet in all the research I’ve done on Halloween costumes this year (which was a lot), no one saw it. Except Demi Lovato. Leave it to this songstress to take Fetty Wap’s huge hit “Fetty Wap” and turn it into the punniest costume of the year.
She was seen rocking this look featuring a crown, cape covered in a variety of different traps, and a sash that reads “Trap Queen” just in case in New York last night as she left MTV Studios.
I think Fetty Wap had something else in mind, but we’re loving Demi’s interpretation.

Your move, Heidi Klum.
Get out your hot glue gun. A few mouse traps and a tiara and you too can win Halloween. We won’t spill that you had a little bit of inspiration from Demi.

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